Drones have made aerial videography and photography more accessible now more than ever before. However, getting a professional shot is still a little bit tricky. Unless you have years of experience, it is somewhat difficult to fly a UAV and control a camera at the same time.

This is why 3D Robotics Solo excels. This drone was designed specifically for shooting aerial video. It comes with a range of autonomous flight modes witch make it extremely easy to capture smooth, professional-looking cinematic shots.

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Design and Build

3D Solo has an awesome design; it has a guise that’s a little more formal than other models you can find in the market today. It was designed to give users access to self-tightening props that makes it easy for transportation. If you love drones with military look, then you will definitely love 3D Robotics Solo.

This drone comes with a smart pad that allows you to attach Apple and Android devices like iPad and smartphones. However, you need to have iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 and upwards before it can work.

3D Robotics Solo comes with a 5200mAh battery that gives you a flight time of about 25 minutes. However, this time can fluctuate depending on whether you want to go for extras that include a Gimbal and GoPro camera.


Flying 3D Robotics Solo

The controls of 3D Robotics Solo was designed to be very easy to use. The buttons are intuitive and responds really fast meaning that you will never miss any important shot nor crash your drone into a tree unguided. In fact, it has a small LCD screen on the pad which shows the user information relating to the drone’s precise angle.

When you use this drone to shoot a video, you will have access to crystal-clear feeds while your drone is in motion.

One great thing about 3D Robotic Solo is that it was designed to be smarter than your average drone. It comes with a dual computer which works to ensure that your drone never goes AWOL. The manufacturers put one 1GHz computer in the drone and another one in the controller; in a situation where this computer stop communicating, the drone will hover while the computer reboots. In case where the computer fails to connect, the drone will return back to where it started.

If you want, you can add a GoPro and optional gimbal to hold it in the case you want to use the drone to capture steady footage. If you add the camera, you can control the camera using the controller. There are two buttons for controlling smart shots and paddles on the shoulders to control the camera angle.

3D Robotic without a doubt is made for aerial photography. The shots you can take with this camera can be anything from a 360-degree wraparound “orbit” to options made for action footage like “Follow Me”.

The autonomous flight modes that include Orbit, Cable Cam, Follow Me and Selfie are designed to make it easier to get professional-looking aerial video. Another great thing about 3DR Solo is that the drone handles all the flight allowing you to focus solely on capturing a great shot. Additionally, this drone has a number of flight modes which offer an advanced pilot with full manual control over the drone’s flight.


  • Control works with Android and iOS
  • Repeatable Smart Shots
  • Gimbal stabilizes powers GoPro
  • Return-to-home safety feature
  • Capable of smooth, automated gimbal tilt adjustment



  • Spotty GPS
  • Drifts when hovering

You can buy 3D Robotics for _ see price.



3D Robotics Solo is an ideal drone for aerial photography if you want to get stunning shots with a GoPro action camera.